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paw The matching images on this page were designed to be used as a set. You can use as many or as few as you'd like on your page but please do not mix these with other sets. If you use them, it is assumed you have read and agreed to terms of service. This set is free to use on personal pages in exchange for a link back to this site using the button on this page. If you sell anything at all through your page, you will need to purchase a special license to use them. Other questions? Check here for more help and information.

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Here's the button you use to link back along with the HTML coding:
<A HREF="http://www.castleberryarts.com/"><IMG SRC="YOURSITE/IMAGELOCATION/c35buttonby.gif" WIDTH="120" HEIGHT="65" ALT="Web graphics from Castleberry Arts" BORDER=0></A>

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Note: Change the coding YOURSITE/IMAGELOCATION to your own own site and the location you uploaded it to. Don't forget to download it from this page and put it in your own directory.

You will need to download these three tiles to use this graphic set.
You can view the source of this page and copy the HTML code if you need help setting up the backgrounds.

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