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I give tips and guidance all over my website to help guide you in implementing these graphics on your web pages.  Unfortunately I can no longer answer the many email requests I receive for help regarding using web graphics and the HTML coding, etc. 

I will continue to place links to tutorials and helpful sites as often as possible to assist you.  You will find answers to commonly asked questions located on the FAQ page.  Another option is The Newbie Club.  Also, check out the Webmaster Tips section.

If you have no idea how to build a website, I recommend The Newbie Club First Website Builder.  It's written by a Newbie who had built her very first Website using free programs and graphics.  This book is a groundbreaking Newbie-Speak course that shows any beginner how to design, build, write, present, automate, backup, promote, and publish a Website in 2 days or less.  Click here to buy the book or to download a free trial.

Check here for pricing information on custom web graphics or information on licensing the sets for business use.  If you still need to get in touch, .

I haven't made new graphics for a while since I'm busy with other things. Including work that keeps the income coming in, so email and updates may be extremely slow or nonexistent at this time. Thanks for understanding. Teresa

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