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These are some of the sites that have used web sets from and asked to included here. I am no longer adding new sites to this list, it takes too much maintenance to keep it updated with all the websites closing etc.

New York
Jim Dykes Ministries End Time Harvest
Small Town Poets
Family Photos Aunt Celia and her Als
The Bradfords
Katie's Kingdom
Funny Childhood Memories
In Remembrance of Ruth Ann Maxwell by Laura Stewart Civey
Civey Home Page by Laura Stewart Civey
The Eighties
Chilean Postcards
Dad poems
Funny Cats
Photos Of Aunt Celia And Her Als
Marcelo My Little Brother
My Berry Ancestors by Laura Stewart Civey
My Redman Ancestors by Laura Stewart Civey
My Pitcock Ancestors by Laura Stewart Civey
Grief Poem
Note To Koni San-d's Poems
Jenni's Page dedicated to Miss Jennifer Nicole Brooks
Brian and Stephanie The Story of Us
An American Expatriate in Trinidad and Tobago
Mire's Holiday Pages
The Dreamer poetry
Wedding Album
Walk with the Lord poetry
The Lichtermans Love Story
Angels who still fly with us In memory
Greetings Links to online greeting cards
Our Special List poetry page
His Amazing Grace Inspirational page
Our Tears Dedicated to homicide victims
The Good Bye Kiss Good story
Family Home page and pictures
Jill's Den Firefighter information & more
Mistyshadows2u Victoria BC applet photos
Mistyshadows2u Photos with Lake Applet
Mistyshadows2u Bumpy applet & blonde jokes
Mistyshadows2u Paradox poem
A message to impart Poetry
Nisha All about me!
Family Oriented Dave and Valerie's Page
Wolf2u2's Homepage Lucious Wine & Gardening
GUESS original poem, author unknown
Sunshine's Homepage
Katie & Heather Lee Poems and pictures
Donna Shari's Homepage
Shelton Family's Homepage
You're an Angel to me Poetry
Lost Love Poetry Page
Butterfly Wishes Poetry
To James In Loving Memory
Suanne Our second child
Marvin And I Family & poetry
Your Love Poem
Lisele's Loft The Realm ©
La La Land Homepage
Willow's Home page
Marissa Doctor Herrera Personal Homepage
Karen Hendrix Memorial page
Always poetry by Holly
My Valentine Poetry
Kathy's World of Love and Romance
Our Special List Poetry
Greetings listing
Acrophobia Community
Nicolas Edward Rosenbloom Homepage for grandson
Crowley's Story Part 1
Crowley's Story Part 2
Inspirational You Light Up My Days
Little Master Dillon Homepage
Harmonyville Stories and Poetry
For such a little while Poetry for a Special Angel
Mums Page Remembering Mom

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