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Search Engine Tactics
(v. 2.2)

13. Further Study

Congratulations! If you have read the entire contents of this e-book, you are one of the proud few who really know the bottom line about winning the search engine game.

If you apply everything you've learned here to heart, you will surely improve the traffic at your site drastically.

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Finally, search engine positioning is not the only way to promote your site. It is one of many great methods available and should be used in conjunction with a complete Internet marketing Battle Plan. (And getting people to you site is only one of five crucial steps! You must employ all five if you want to succeed.) To learn the rest of the story and develop a complete Battle Plan tailored to give your business smash results, check out 1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics.

Here's to your success!

Mark Joyner
CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

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Be sure to check out the Search Engine Tactics forum at the Internet Marketing Library! You can find the latest tips and tricks there.

For more great stuff, see the Internet Marketing Library and the Internet Marketing ProShop.

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