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Search Engine Tactics
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10. Multiple Pages

mentioned before that there was another solution to the problem of satisfying the various search engine criteria. You can't satisfy all the people all the time... So what do you do?

If you have the web space to do it, create a separate web page that satisfies the requirements of each of the major search engines. An idea here is to take your "main" or "index" page and create several copies of it: maina.htm, mainb.htm, mainc.htm etc... With each copy change the invisible components to satisfy particular search engines.

Here it is step by step:

Go to the search engine you are targeting. Do a search for a few obscure keywords (obscure words will yield more relevant results). Compare the top 10 documents and see what they have in common. Apply this to one of your extra pages and submit it. Repeat this process for all the major search engines.

Remember that some of the pages may have changed since they were indexed by the spider. In this case, the information here will be erroneous. That's why it's important to compare the first 10 or so documents at least. If you look at just the first, the information may be erroneous. Compare what they all have in common. Apply this to your page and you will have a higher ranking with this search engine.

Another way to multiply yourself even further is to create separate pages for different keyword groups. For instance, if there are several different groups of people that may be interested in your product (MLMers, entrepreneurs, HTML beginners, etc.), you may want to create a separate group of pages to address each of these interest groups.

To clarify, if you are trying to attract 3 distinct groups of people and you want to target 6 different search engines, you will create 18 distinct pages. This will improve your relevant visits considerably. (See Tracking Your Progress)

Warning: Make each of your multiple doorway pages distinctly different.  If they look they same, the engines may detect this and penalize for it.

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