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Search Engine Tactics
(v. 2.

2.  Analysis -
The Only
True Path

his is absolutely the most important chapter of this book.  Much of the remaining sections will simply tell you various tips and tricks for manipulating the content of your pages.  None of those tips will mean anything unless you know how to apply them.

By this we mean, you have to know the algorithm used by a particular search engines to rank pages.  An algorithm is a set of rules or commands.

For example, one search engine may use the following rule:

Rank pages in accordance to the percentage of keywords found in the "title" tag the document.  2% is best.

Now, it's a gross simplification, but that is the type of logic used.  The problems are:

1.  No two search engines rank their pages the same.
2.  Search engines change these algorithms all the time.
3.  Search engines do not publish their algorithms.

The trick is to find out what algorithm a particular engine is using at any given time.  It takes hard work and hours of analysis to do this.

The process involves looking at the results of given searches and analyzing the weight and position of the targeted keyword.  It takes a long time to download each page, throw out ones that are invalid (some pages have changed since the engine indexed them, and some even deliberately fool you so you don't learn their formula), count the instances of and note the location of the given keyword.

Luckily, there is a tool that will make short work of this process - the Keyword Density Analyzer.

Now, you don't have to use this tool or even really analyze your results in order to get a high rank.  Some people use the tips in the following chapters in a hit and miss fashion and do have some luck.  However, it's just that - hit and miss.  To get consistent and systematic results, analysis is the only way to go.

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