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11.  How to Submit

n the old days of the Internet (in Internet terms, this is say, four years ago), people would submit their sites one by one to the various search engines, directories, and link sites.

Later, some smart entrepreneurs developed services for registering sites for webmasters. Let's face it, how many of us have the time to submit our sites one by one. "Someone will do it for me? Great!"

The problem here is that the services are too expensive for what they offer. Who has $200 to $1000 dollars to blow on promotion that you're not even sure will work?

Then along came the submission programs. These promised to make the whole process much simpler and economical for the webmaster. The problem was that most of the programs were ineffective or did not submit to many different search engines.

Well times have changed much and there are now two excellent automated search programs on the market: Global PromoBot and Submit Wolf. There are many programs like this on the market, but these are the only two that I have found to be effective.

Now, don't get me wrong, any submit program is going to have flaws. Your chances of getting listed in such sites as Yahoo are pretty slim if you use these programs, but they are great for about all the rest.

Global PromoBot submits to more places than Submit Wolf, and it has a few other interesting features that make it worth owning: deep submit and mirror page generation.

The deep submit feature (in the pro version) will look for all of the pages in your site and submit each of them to the search engines. A pretty handy tool if you're trying to take advantage of every page in your site.   You can even batch submit several different sites at once.  That is, you set up profiles for several various sites and set the PromoBot loose on them.

Submit Wolf does not have all of the sexy deep submit, and batch submit features, but it is expandable to include more sites. The only problem is that you have to pay for expansion packs if you want more sites.

Global PromoBot, on the other hand has free unlimited lifetime updates that increase the number of sites and improve the submission algorithms.  This deals the knock-out blow, in our opinion.

If you're really serious about promotion, owning one of these is essential (we prefer Global PromoBot by far - free lifetime updates and an aggressive upgrade plan is hard to beat). They are reasonably priced and very reliable. Both offer free trial versions that have some sites disabled, but enough to take the program for a good spin around the block.

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