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Search Engine Tactics
(v. 2.

9. What Keywords Work?

Good question. What keywords will bring in the most people? Well, as I mentioned before, this depends on what your goals are.

Chances are you are not just looking for visits, but relevant visits. By this we mean, you want to attract visitors who will be interested in what you are offering.

Lists have been circulated showing the "most searched for keywords". The generally consist of words like:

sex, naked, women, gay, adult, erotica etc....

The theory goes like this: If I fill up my page with words like that, I'll get more visitors. Since these are the most searched for keywords, my page will be the most viewed.

Well, this is erroneous thinking for two reasons:

  1. The number of people trying to use this strategy is so high that it is highly unlikely that your page will come up first or even 100th.  Even if it does it will get kicked down quickly.

  2. If someone is looking for pornography, do you think they will spend more than a second on your plumbing page? It's probably a teenage boy that doesn't have enough money to buy your products anyway.

This is not to say that no one has used this strategy effectively in the past. They are the exception, though. Rather than water down your list with words that are unrelated to your content, use words that are relevant.

So what keywords work?

The ones that someone who may be interested in your product may use in a search.

That's worth saying again: The ones that someone who may be interested in your product may use in a search.

It used to be up to you to find these words, but that has all changed.

Since our first publication of this manual, a service that will change this whole field forever has been released by the up and coming search engine SearchHound.

It is called Strategic Information Network (SIN - their motto is: "the advantage we give you is just SINful!").

What they are doing is surveying the keywords searched for by people of various demographic groups and selling the info in a subscription format.

So, you ask yourself, "what keywords are people searching for financial topics using in the search engines?" And SIN has the answer.  You buy a three month subscription and they feed you the top 100 words and phrases of your desired topic each week.

Not only will this drastically improve your search engine strategy, but it will keep you abreast of trends.

It's like having your finger on the pulse of the world.

Are your wheels spinning yet?

That's not the only answer, though.  There are other ways for finding relevant keywords.  Do the exercise at the end of "Keyword Selection" again, using what you've learned here.

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