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You can start making money from your own website by becoming an Affiliate or Associate of another company. To earn commissions you place a banner ad or text link on your web page, or a link in a newsletter article or email. I have done a lot of research with these Affiliate programs and have put together the following list of the best and most profitable programs for you to explore.

Their "Tell-a-friend" service pays 20 cents every time one of your visitors uses their form to tell at least one friend about your site, who couldn't use that referral service! They have another site, that allows your site's visitors to play games and win prizes. They pay you 50 cents for every confirmed registration.

One And Only
This service provides you with a customized 'private label' version of their personals service on your website that is stored on their server. One of the strongest affiliate programs available on the internet today. You earn commissions off of both new and repeat business. All pages are maintained and upgraded by One & Only, and they handle everything related to transactions and billing. All ads generated from your site, and those of other affiliates are automatically pooled into one large database.

The Newbie Club
The best and newbie-friendliest learning zone on the planet! They offer a range of free tutorials, newbie books, articles, email courses, newbie software and links to the best Internet and computer learning resources on the web. Their Affiliate Program is a 2 Tier System. This means that as an Affiliate you are paid 35% commission on your own sales and 10% on sales made by Affiliates who sign up under you. The use of cookies also ensures that any repeat visits made by that person are automatically directed to your unique Website.

You'll receive payments when your visitors download free software, register for free money saving coupons and more. You can take banners off their site and run which ever ones you like and/or they can delivery them to your site for you using their automated banner serving technology. Includes their free fully maintained freebie web site & mailing list. They also have a 3 Tier referral program to help you earn the big bucks from their big name, high quality sponsors. Payment is made when your balance reaches $50. This is a highly recommended program but check their current requirements on traffic to see if your site qualifies.

Commission Junction
A great place to start looking for an affiliate program is at Commission Junction. For every new webmaster you refer, you earn a $2 fee plus 5% of what they earn. Commission Junction is a fast growing network and has a very user-friendly system for affiliates and merchants.

You can use this handy search box to find sponsors right now:

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They pay you for each new subscriber you send to their daily email newsletters. Customers are not required to purchase anything, they only have to provide an email address. For each email entered from your site you will earn $0.50. Best of all, since Netezines provides the HTML code to be placed directly onto your web site, your visitors never have to leave your site to sign up. For each webmaster you refer, you will earn $0.10 for each new subscriber they send. Checks are issued monthly once commissions have reached $25. They have many ezines to choose from so this affiliate works great for any site!

Reward Share
RewardShare pays people cash for shopping. Its conversion rates are 5 to 10 times higher than those on most affiliate programs. Refer your visitors once and get paid 30% commissions for life. In the two-tier affiliate program, you invite other webmasters to join and you'll earn 30% of your referred webmasters' commissions for the lifetime of their membership.

Click Bank
As a ClickBank reseller you can earn cash by recruiting new merchants, new affiliates, and new resellers to the ClickBank network. Refer a new affiliate and earn a $0.10 bonus every time they earn a sales commission. Refer a new merchant and earn a $10.00 bonus when they activate their account and a $0.10 bonus every time they make a sale. Refer a new reseller and earn a $5.00 bonus every time they earn a $10.00 bonus plus a $0.05 bonus every time they earn a $0.10 (merchant) bonus.

Open your own Vstore
Now you can set up your own completely stocked Vstore in minutes for free! I opened mine, and it took me about 5 minutes to get it up and running. Take a look at it here: Castle Gift Store

But can you make money with it? Yes you can, says Patrick Anderson and Michael Henderson. In their new book, "Right on the Money" it tells you how Patrick created a site and made sales within five hours.

If you're serious about making your Vstore work, I highly recommend you buy the book Right on the Money, I did!

This is a pay-per-lead program that pays $.25 to over $20.00 per offer. YOU pick and choose which offers to advertise. Use their banners or put in text links on your website, email, or mailing lists. Great program with a good pick of advertisers. Payment is made when your balance reaches $50. Easier to get into than Cyberbounty.

LinkShare Corporation
A third-party network which allows you to easily track and manage a variety of affiliate programs. Because LinkShare maintains merchant Affiliates Programs within a network environment, you only have to register once to access all of the merchants participating in LSN. This allows you to participate in the Affiliates Programs of one merchant, or one hundred merchants, through a single, easy-to-use interface with real-time stats. LSN allows you to use text links which often have a much higher click-through rate than banner ads. This one's worth a look since everyone can find something here that will work for their site. They also pay a $1.50 bounty for each webmaster you refer.

Radiant Diet
Kathleen DesMaisons, author of the best-selling book, "Potatoes Not Prozac," has just released a new program to help you lose weight and stay thin - "Your Last Diet!" The web site is highly professional, designed to sell, and after you sign up, you'll receive a marketing course to help you succeed in selling the program. It is two-tier program, paying a generous 25% commission on your sales and 10% on the sales of your sub-associates.

Burst! works for its members to find advertisers who are looking for websites with great content and interested audiences. Similar to other banner ad networks, they offer a variety of basic ads that you can set up to rotate throughout your web site. Burst! offers to work as a media buyer for your web site, seeking out targeted advertisers that are willing to pay higher than average rates to reach your site's visitors. Although they do take a percentage of your earnings for this service. They are looking for high-quality, professional sites with a minimum of 5,000 page views per month.

Another third-party service, making it easy for you to set up banner advertisements on your website without having to seek individual advertisers. They allow you to exclude any advertisers that do not fit in with your site. You will be paid based on the number of click-throughs your site generates. The click-through payment starts at $0.12.

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