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I have included answers to commonly asked questions here. You could also check the forum for any other questions or problems you have. But first puhleeeeeeeeze read through all the information and links here ...they're here to help you!

What are your terms of use?

By downloading or using graphics offered here, it is your legal binding agreement that you have read and agreed to the terms of use located here.

How can I align the contents in the middle for your bordered sets?

The width will depend on the size of your border, most of my borders work with a WIDTH of 150. With this coding, when your page is viewed in a smaller resolution (640X480) your text will not run into your right border. You will need to download the clear.gif in order to do this. You can download it here by right-clicking on this box and save to your computer: clear.gif

This code goes just after the <BODY> code at the top of your page:
<TD ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top">
<IMG SRC="clear.gif" HEIGHT="1" WIDTH="150">
<TD VALIGN="left" ALIGN="top" WIDTH="100%">

This code goes just before the </BODY> tag at the bottom of your code:

How do I link back to you?

The graphic sets have a link button designed to go with the set. Additional buttons are included on the Credit Link page for graphics other than the sets that don't have a link button included. These can also be used for those that want a button to link to this site.

Please remember to put the link button on the same page as the graphics appear. Click HERE for more detailed instructions on how and why you must link back to this site.

How can I download your graphics?

Move your mouse cursor over the image you'd like to save. Right click and a pop-up window will open. Choose "save as" from the pull down menu that appears. Save the image (you may rename it if you like) in a folder whose location you'll remember! It is helpful to create a separate folder to hold each set along with the artist logo. This also helps if you downloaded it for future use you'll know who to give credit, then when you go back to use the graphic you'll never have trouble remembering which artist made what and who should receive credit.

Web TV users can use the free Transloader service to transfer graphics to your site. To read more about the Transloader and how to use it, check this site for Transloader Assistance. You'll find more information at Net4TV.

That's all the information I know about Web TV so you'll need look for any other help you need in those links. PLEASE do not link directly to the images on

Why do images change format when downloading in AOL?

Turn off compressed graphics
When you download web graphics to use on your website, the AOL browser will change the extension from the original format (either .jpg or .gif) to .art or .bmp files if you don't have your graphics compression turned off. Using an
independent browser will also fix this problem.

To turn off your graphics compression in the AOL browser, go to the AOL Toolbar, click Members, click Preferences, click the WWW Icon. At the top of the next pop-up window, click the tab called "Web Graphics." It will open to a page containing a small box called "Use compressed graphics" with the question "Do you want Web Graphics to be compressed. This will display pages faster"; under the question is a box if it is checked, uncheck it. Click Apply at the bottom of the screen, click OK.

Note: Only other AOL users will see the graphics if you use them as .art or .bmp files. If you downloaded them as .art or .bmp, you will need to delete those graphics and download them again. Do not use an editor to change the format or the images will become distorted or fuzzy, you MUST download in the correct format.

How do I add text on the blank buttons?

These instructions are for Paint Shop Pro since that's the one I'm familiar with. If you don't have a graphic program you can download a trial program of PSP here.

Check on the page where you downloaded the set you will see I included the font type and color so that you can match the buttons.

First save the button you need to your computer. Then bring up the button file in your graphics program. I always create a new layer and put my text in that so I can add shadows and position it if needed. Select your color on the right tool bar "foreground" color box (the top one). Then click on the "Text Tool", choose your font type and size, check the antialias and floating boxes, type in your text. Position and/or use a drop shadow if needed. Merge the layers and then save the image under a different name.

If you have a .gif image you will first need to increase color depth to 16 million colors if you want to make a new layer to add the text in. If it's a transparent gif file, once you increase color depth you lose your transparency so you'll have to reset it after you add the text. You don't have to make a new layer to add text. If you don't know how transparent gifs work it may be easier for you not to.

What programs do you use?

I use Paint Shop Pro to create my web graphics. If you don't have PSP yet you can purchase it at Jasc.

I use Coffeecup for my HTML editor. I've tried many others, and it's by far my favorite. 

I also started using Coffeecup's flash creator, Firestarter, and I love it!  It is very easy to create awesome flash images at a cheaper price. 

If you are looking for a great bargain on webmaster tools, Coffeecup's best buy is the CoffeeCup Big Cup which includes both the HTML editor and Firestarter plus about 10 more programs!  Click here for more info.

To create my animations I use GIF Animator 5 from Ulead.  Another great animation program I use from Ulead is Ulead Cool 3D 3.5.  These are my favorites of all the animation programs I have tried.

Ulead I also use their GIF-X plugin and SmartSaver Pro.  If you want more information about these all other products click the button to visit their main page.

Can I take graphics from your home page or other main pages?

No, all images on this site are protected by copyrights. All available graphics will be listed on their respective pages. Some old graphic sets are taken off of this site and will no longer be available for use.

I add web design sets and change background wallpaper often, so check back frequently for new or updated graphics. And don't forget to check the what's new page to see the newest designs.

I make money from my site, can I use your graphics?

Business or commercial sites must purchase a license in order to use any of these graphics.

For clarification, a website is considered to be commercial if banner space is sold or it is linked to affiliates in order to generate income. Auction sites are considered business since their purpose is to sell items. If a person attempts to sell anything, regardless of how much or how little, it is considered a commercial site. If you are a webmaster in the business of creating home pages or if you own a business and are promoting it on your site, you are considered commercial.

Can you make custom graphics and/or webpages for me?

If I have time, I can create custom graphics. Check here to see if I'm available and if so, pricing information.

I need more help!

If you are stuck on any using these graphics and you can't find the answer here you may get some answers at The Newbie Club. Or there are plenty of other help forums out there you can find through search engines.

If you have no idea how to build a website, I recommend The Newbie Club First Website Builder. The Newbie Club found a Newbie who had built her very first Website using free programs and graphics - and asked her to write a book about it. This book is a groundbreaking Newbie-Speak course that shows any beginner how to design, build, write, present, automate, backup, promote, and publish a Website in 2 days or less.  CLICK HERE to buy the book or to download a free trial.

Also don't forget to check out my Webmaster Tips section. There is loads of information I put together for those of you that are building a website.

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